Land Clearing Services

Complete vegetation removal and site preparation.

Clearing and grubbing is the conventional way to clear land. All organic material above, and below ground is removed. Traditional land clearing is required for:

  • Building Site prep
  • Home Site Prep
  • Equestrian Paddocks
  • Residential and Commercial construction

Land clearing involves the removal of trees, hauling off logs for disposal, grinding or processing brush and tree tops, and removing stumps from the ground. The site is then thoroughly grubbed with a rake mounted on a dozer or excavator. 

All vegetation is then hauled off for disposal while the site is graded according to the scope of the project. 

Failing to properly clear a site can result in soil compaction issues, foundation failures, and in equestrian settings injuries from roots and stumps not being properly removed. 

Most clearing projects that are non-agricultural require permitting from the controlling municipality. 

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